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t: 847-219-9142

who we are

We are a small group of consulting professionals who provide unconventional consulting for customers that understand the value of time.

We believe that life is too short to waste it in mindless activities. Hence, we're not going to waste time going through the typical consulting motions, telling you what you want to hear, sitting in meetings that only generate more meetings, etc. Instead we'll be incredibly focused on getting to the root of the problem you're trying to solve and then trying to solve it as fast and best as possible.

In the process we hope to have some fun, whether fixing some bad code -- while developing automated unit-testing to make the code easier to maintain -- or developing some new code, testing the performance of your application -- a task much harder than it seems, due mainly to (i) the complexity of defining perfomance requirements, and (ii) generating the meaningful load to prove that performance of your production environment will meet the requirements -- or testing your application for security vulnerabilities.